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Hey guys,

Over the past few months I have changed my running technique (heel striker) to a more natural/barefoot style of running. I'm loving the change. I've had my gait analysed several times and I'm on the right path, although there is definitely room for improvement. I've been alternating between a pair of Vibram Bikila LS and a pair of structured cushioning Asics shoes. My Asics' are due for retirement and so I'm looking for an another shoe to keep my Vibram's company. 

More specifically, I'm looking for a neutral shoe with a wide toe box and some cushioning, that are meant for long distance runs on road and easy trails. I've seen the Kinvara 3 as well as Mizuno Universe 4 mentioned quite a few times on this forum. Would a 4mm heel/toe drop like the Kinvara 3 be too much too soon as I've only been transitioning for 3-4 months?

I consider myself an "intermediate" runner (5k - sub 20min/ 10k - 45min) but I'm now more into distance and fully enjoying my runs then attempting new personal bests'. Greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions. Thanks!


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    If you've been able to run in the Bikilas with no issues so far, I think going with a 4mm drop cushioned shoe would be okay, although that depends on how much mileage you've already put in with the Bikilas. I don't know if the Kinvara 3 and Mizuno Wave Universe 4 are comparable, though: the latter is really more of a racing flat than a training shoe, and I don't know if it's cushioned enough to be a daily trainer for somebody looking to cautiously ease into "natural" running.
  • Thanks Zed. I have done around 50 miles with the Bikilas. The furthest distance has been 4 miles. I've been taking it nice and easy. Fortunately, no issues. 
  • The wave universe is not comparable to the Kinvara 3 in term of cushioning. It has some cushioning, but for example, the sole of the kinvara is twice as thick. I think a 4mm drop shoe would be a good second shoe next to the Bikila's. I think there are many options available that offer 4mm drop and cushioning, like the kinvara, the Skechers Go run 2, the Nike free 3.0, etc. The toebox could be an issue, not every shoe has a wide toebox. 
  • I'm interested in these suggestions as well.  I've run in the original Kinvaras for a couple of years, and would like to find a replacement with the same drop, but with a wider toe box.
  • I went from the Kinvara to the Merrell Mix Master as it had a wider toe box and less cushion a little closer to the ground while still having some cushion.  The Altra line has a REALLY wide toe box but they are all zero drop.

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    If you are used to Bikilas you will really appreiate Altra shoes with their super wide toe box. I run in Merrell Vapor Gloves which are really fivefingers without toe pockets. My cushion shoe is Altra The One. Light and really comfy and enough cushion for longer runs.
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