Running in Kinvara 2, what next?

Kept getting knee pain in basic Asics 'bricks' so did some research and bought the Kinvara's a year ago, have not had any injuries or knee pain since.

So I am a convert to barefoot/minimal shoes and wondering what to get next? I am in the UK.

I think I'd like to go zero drop for sure, so which shoes would you guys recommend?

I will also add I have quite wide feet, and have found the NB minimus and Merrel trail glove rather tight when trying them on in the shop.

I'm not sure if the BA2 is any wider or not? I am also consider Vivobarefoot but wondering if it's too much of a jump from the kinvara.

Thanks for any replies.


  • try the mizuno cursoris especially since the older models are on sale now (not sure if you get them in the UK). I used to run and still do a little in the kinvara but not a huge fan anymore, the switch to the mizunos was quite painless. Size down 1/2. I feel like Merrel & NB "minimal" shoes are fairly firm. Virrata would be likely too tight. Nike frees might be ok, I didn't feel they were as smooth as the mizunos.
  • The BA2s are significantly roomier than the kinvaras 3 which are supposed to be wider than the kinvaras 2. They're also more flexible and offer a better ground feel which I'd say are qualities you want to look for in a minimalist shoe. The cushioning is not as squishy though, which can be a tad tiring at first.

    I personally do not recommend the cursoris for reasons I have explained elsewhere. It's an extremely comfortable shoe and if you stick to easy running they might be a great choice, But they tend to be sloppy at higher paces and the combination of mediocre flexibility, poor ground feel and very soft cushioning tends to deprive your feet of the feedback needed to balance your body adequately, which in turns puts more strain on your ankles.

    An other option you might want to consider is Altra's the One. It's supposed to be a versatile shoe with a very roomy forefoot, zero drop and good cushioning. I haven't tried it but it looks good on paper. Then again, so did the Cursoris.

  • thanks for the advice. i've ordered some BAs and also Vivobarefoot neos, together under £100. I will see how I get on with these. Altra isn't easy to get hold of in the UK. I looked at the Cursoris, not sure about the colours!
  • I second The One. The wide toe box is heaven sent. I had BA2 before and liked them but still too narrow toe box. My first Altras and heavy compared to my vapor gloves but I wanted a cushioned shoe also and am very happy just now.
  • Optimal run ships cheap to UK and running warehouse. Both great people who even compared my current shoe and tried on The Ones to get me the perfect size so I avoided a bummer purchase.

  • If you've been running injury-free in the Kinvaras for a year, those would be my first choice for your next pair of shoes. Injury-free is more important to me than whatever the drop might be.
  • @Jim has a point--if something is working, don't feel the need to change.
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