Shoe recommendation, please?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, and having a hard time finding ones that I like. I run now in Skechers Go Run2s, and really like them. I've nearly worn out my second pair of them, in fact (about 400 miles on each, give or take). I run about 30-35 miles a week, and have three halfs on the books until the end the year. I'd like to go zero drop, so I thought of Altras first. Tried the Instinct 1.5 for about 90 miles or so, and found that they are super comfortable, but they seem a little 'clompy' if you know what I mean. Then I tried The One from Altra, and the toe box fit weird. They kinda bunched up and puckered, and the stiff toe strip irritated my toes. They also seemed clompy, compared to the GR2s. Love the 30 day return policy from Altra, by the way.

So I'm looking for some advice, I guess. I know that the Go Bionics are a nice shoe, and I may end up there, but I'd really like to support my local independent running store with a shoe purchase (the one who feeds me pizza and beer after group runs each week), as well as get some variety in my shoe selection. I'd like a shoe that has a wide toe box, zero drop, very flexible sole (love the quiet running I can do in the GR2s) - does this rule out a Vibram sole, like a BA2? Also, the complicating factor is that I wear a size 12.5, and several companies, like Merrell, don't make that size. Tried on the PureDrift at the store too, and liked them, so that's an option, but the soles seemed a bit stiffer than my GR2s. Thanks for reading my life history, and any ideas are welcome!


  • I would recommend the Saucony Virrata based on 0 drop and flexible sole. I wouldn't say the toe box is especially wide at all though, so that may be an issue.
  • Is the evo cursoris too obvious of an answer? I had the same issue with The One's toe cap by the way.
  • Thanks for both of those. I SO wanted to like the Virrata, but all of the Saucony shoes are too narrow and pointy for my Cro- Magnon foot. I tried the Cursoris, and liked it, but the heel platform felt narrow and a bit unstable, if that makes any sense. I'll give that one another try as well. Maybe I discounted it too easily.
  • I really like the BA2 and it's quite shoe.  Are you saying they don't make your size in them?

  • The BA2's soles are way more flexible than the Cursoris'. I do not recommend the Cursoris. It's way too soft and gives a misleading sense of security. It also becomes quite sloppy when picking up the pace.

  • Interesting note about the Cursoris being sloppy, Stephane.  Just out of curiosity, what else do/have you run in recently?
  • I currently use the kinvara 3, the NB MT10, the trail glove, the BA2, the vapor glove and the cursoris. Although the cursoris just got me injured a few days ago so I can't really say I'm using any of them anymore.
  • How'd the Vapor Glove work out for you?
  • It worked great. I have been cautious with it because there's so little cushioning, but it feels great running in them. And contrary to the cursoris they lead you to be careful. And they're extremely responsive, which is far from being the case for the Cursoris.
  • @SteveL: at least from what the guys at my running store said (and it looks like it's true from the Merrell website), they do not make a 12.5, at least in the BA2, and the 13s felt too big. Which is too bad, because they felt like great shoes, and would have been my first choice, most likely. Just for giggles, for those of you who run in the BA2, how is the ground noise. The Vibram soles seem like they would be a bit 'slappier' than a softer sole like on my GoRun 2s.
  • I run like a ninja in most shoes including the BAA2's because of a forefoot stride.
  • My BA2's are a lot more quiet than my Instinct 1.0's, FWIW.
  • The vapor gloves have a nice wide toe box and are like a "glove". But they are really barefoot so be careful (they are addictive!) Sorry The Ones feel sloppy for you but that is Altra fit. Now I am used to it and appreciate it more and more. If you want a wide toe box the BA2 has that though not wide enough for me.
  • You're definitely on to something, Asle.  The longer I ran in the BA2 (after moving from the Saucony Mirage 2), the more I realized that my toebox needs must have expanded.  Of course, the same thing happened when I moved from the Mirage to the BA2.
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