Good trail runners for hiking too



  • As far as the Mix Master's fit - I personally require a wider toe box - and I found for me they do have a roomy feel. When I used the shoe fitter app - it told me to go to a 1/2 size up - but found them to be too big and I returned for my typical size.  My husband wears the Saucony Peregrine and likes them a lot, the Saucony Kinvara TR reviews which I've read described it has a rather narrow toe box (more so than the regular Kinvaras) so I held off ordering and didn't find locally to try on.  Shoes are definitely a very personal opinion (and everyone has one or two or three :-))
  • Had a chance to try on the Kinvara TR- no go- suffocating (in comparison to the Kinvara 3), use the Peregrine 2, great shoe, my retired Peregrine 2 runners are for hiking now and have held up great! Love the Merrell line, yet to try on the Mix Master 2, soon I hope.
  • @Harbourboy: I don't qualify as an experienced hiker, but as someone who has gone on several multiday treks, the one area where more structured hiking footwear trumps trail running shoes is when lugging around big and heavy multiday packs. Lugging half of one's own body weight (or more) across an incline over dozens of kilometers of rough terrain can really punish the ankles and the bottom of the feet and alters your stride, so the extra structure and cushioning that dedicated trail shoes/boots provide really helps. I do think though, that if you're carrying anything less than, say, a third of one's own body weight, you could probably get away with using minimalistic trail footwear. I've gone on several day hikes with the Merrell Trail Gloves, and they work fine as long as I'm not tackling too technical of terrain or carrying anything heavier than a full daypack.
  • I ordered a pair of Mix Master 2s from RunningWarehouse. Won't be able to try them out on trails until next weekend, though.
  • Love the Mix Master.  I also recently started running in the road version of that shoe too.

  • Tried the Mix Masters on last night and ran up and down the apartment hall a few times. They feel good. A bit restricting in the forefoot at first, but they felt better after wearing a bit (maybe stretched a little). Will try them on the trails this weekend. Merrell just released the Ascend Glove, which I would definitely get if they weren't so expensive:
  • I went for a 4-mile trail run with the Mix Master 2s this weekend and they felt great. They performed well on a bunch of different terrain: sand; loose rocks and pebbles; hard dirt. The flexible rock plate seems to be pretty tough too, as I never felt any pain from stepping on rocks or roots. They felt fine in the forefoot too, which was my main concern. Will test them on a few hikes in upstate NY this weekend.
  • One other point in favor of the Mix Master is I have a lot of miles on mine and they are still going strong.
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