Searching for the one: Your perfect shoe. Have you found it?



  • The very first Nike Free 5.0 Trails were way up there, used as a road shoe. I ordered a Japanese sample from eBay back in the halcyon days when you could still do that at rock bottom prices and fell in love with them. Then Nike got all Nike and ruined that line, IMO.

    More recently, the MT10, if used properly (nothing horribly long), is difficult for me to fault.

  • Running warehouse has last years models on sale right now. Pretty good price for a pair of distances.
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    I liked the Nike Free Trail too, at least my first pair (the uppers on my second pair were too tight and tore too quickly).  They brought them back at the Nike Store (on sale now, in limited sizes):

  • Cool! Grabbed a pair. It will be interesting to see how these feel compared to the originals, when the "minimal" category was just being conceived and I was doing speed work in flats and H-streets to get that feeling (other shoes were some iteration of the Precision). If the internet doesn't lie, the drop in those were 6mm. May end up wearing them casually to preserve the nostalgia. 

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