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minimalist work shoes

Anyone have any good suggestions on casual minimalist work shoes?  I’m changing jobs and would like some comfy shoes that still look presentable.  Pete had a post on this a couple years ago and most of the shoe models are now discontinued and/or hard to find.  I was looking for some similar to his recommendations.  His review is below.


  • I have the Patagonia Loulu and Palou. I also have the Altra Instinct Everyday. And the Vivobarefoot Ra.
  • Oh I forgot I also have the LEM Nine2Five in black.  I really like these.
  • Here also a happy user of the Lems Nine2five!
  • I've had a pair of Vivobarefoot Gobi's for almost 4 years, they are incredibly comfortable and hard wearing. I walk a lot between buildings and have worn them just about every day and the sole is showing only small signs of wear. I was looking at getting some more but they've gone up in price by almost 50% (now around the £120 mark), so will take a look at the other options listed here.

  • When I am teaching, I generally wear my Camper Peu shoes or Birkenstock clogs (not minimalist, but the heel is not raised).


  • I have been wearing for running and afterwards the Vibram Five Fingers. I really like the V Classic style, which have been made for Golfers but the shoe in itself is great as a Casual shoe at work.
  • I just got myself a pair of Vivobarefoot Porto. They are a bit on the expensive side, but in terms of style they work really well also with a suit. 

    Would be interesting to see if anyone has had any experience with shoes from The Primal Professional...

  • I love my LEMS Mariners.  I also have a pair of NB MT10 Leathers that are comfy, if a bit warm in the summer.
  • I highly recommend anything from LEMS.  I bought a pair of their first shoes, and have recently bought a new pair of the Primal 2's.  The new style looks better, but is not quite as comfortable.  They are still some incredibly comfortable shoes, just not quite the slippers that the first ones were.  Flexible and super light weight.  The first pair lasted a very long time, and the second is holding up well.  Wear them without socks until they stink, throw them in the wash and repeat.  The stink seems to stop returning after a couple of months (this seems to work with all the washable sockless shoes I've worn)
  • edited September 2014
    Anything from Sanuk is a hit for me.  Their whole deal is that they're shoes that are actually sandals.
  • I just received my pair of Vivobarefoot Ra's II. I wear a shirt and tie to work and I think that they will fit the bill well. I'm not sure how they will hold up in the winter. I live in Wisconsin and I'm actually trying to find a minimal dress boot that would work well with a shirt and tie, in the winter if anyone has any suggestions...
  • I've got a pair of those Nine2Five black Lems that I wore at work for a while. But God, they're ugly. They're so wide and ungainly looking in the toe box. I got to the point where I just couldn't stand putting on those hideous clown shoes any longer. Ugly ugly ugly. Like original Altra Instinct ugly. But worse. I took a pair of my nicer black dress shoes and pried the heels off. Though they have a bit of toe spring, I now have a pair of zero drop dress shoes with a more normal looking taper in the toes. I go barefoot most of the time at home, so I'm not worried about my toes being squeezed a bit sometimes in shoes.
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