Which Sketchers GoRun 3 or GoRunRide 3 is most like Kinvara?

I normally go to Running warehouse to lookup stack height, drop, etc.  But, Sketchers isn't there so I'm struggling.  In reading the reviews on the site here, I can't tell, but it looks like the Go Run 3 would be closer to the Kinvara than the GRR3?

Would the GR3 be a little less cushion than the Kinvara, or more, or the same?  

I currently run in Kinvara, some in the PI N1, and some in the Sketchers GoUltra for a max cushioned shoe every now and then.  I'm ideally looking for something as cushioned or a tad more cushioned than the Kinvara (I think).  Was hoping to buy the GoRun3 because they are sub $50 on amazon, which is amazing.


  • I currently run in the same 3 shoes you listed, and I have a pair of the GR3s. In my opinion, they have less cushioning than Kinvaras by a noticeable amount (I do take the insole out, so maybe with it in it's more similar?). I haven't ever ran in the GRRs, so I can't comment on them. Hope that helps.
  • From what I've heard and read, the GRR is much more like the Kinvara than the GR.
  • I'd agree - if you are looking for similar to slightly more cushioning than the Kinvara, the GoRun Ride is the way to go. GoRun is a bit softer, thinner, and more flexible. The GoRun 4 will actually be the closest thing Skechers has to the Kinvara, but still have to wait a bit for that one.
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