Inov-8 Footbed. Zappos is out-of-stock.


Zappos is out-of-stock in my size for the Inov-8 3mm footbed.  I checked all the other online retailers suggested at the Inov-8 website and found that only Zappos carries Inov-8 Footbeds. 

Do you have any suggestions on other sources in US for Inov-8 footbeds?   I tried to get RunningWarehouse to stock them, but no luck. 



  • What size do you need, I have a bunch! They sent me 10 by accident.
  • Hi Pete.  Thanks for the offer, but I go two sizes bigger than your size 10.  I tell myself that the added length gives me better stability and a stronger push. 

    You are not the only one who has received 10 after ordering one pair.  This seems to be a problem with the Zappos warehouse.  And may be why they are out of stock. 

    I guess that the footbeds arrive in packages of 10.  Then they are supposed to be broken down to separate pairs and given an inventory label.  But the stock clerks just slap a label on the whole package of ten.  Then when an order comes in, the whole package is sent to shipping. 

    Again, thanks for the offer.  PS: I just ordered a pair of NB MR00 v2.  Should be a fun run.  :)

  • Ahh, too bad. Interesting to find out it was a common problem!
  • Buy them in combination with some Inov-8 shoes ;-) Today I received my second pair of Inov-8's, the run-x-treme 198 with bright yellow 3mm footbeds in size 12. 6mm drop in the shoe for the easier runs...
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