5K Racer

I am looking for some input on a new 5K racing flat.  If you had to run a 5K this weekend, assuming you are in top shape and looking to PR, which flat would you choose and why?  


  • I'd probably go with the Saucony Grid Type A6. A bit narrow, but for a 5K I can manage and they feel fast. Pear Izumi EM Road N0 or Adidas Hagio would be other top choices.
  • I would also grab my Saucony Grid Type A6s.
  • Thanks Runblogger and jeffo.  Just out of curiosity, how come the A6 and not a super lightweight like the Mizuno Universe or the New Balance 5000?
  • I would put on my Mizuno Universe, because I don't have any of the other shoes :-)
    I guess it's the stiffness of the other shoes that should provide an advantage over the extreme leightweight shoes.
  • Is there a big difference between the A5 and A6?

  • Mizuno Univers 5 is a bit too minimal for me for racing a 5k - I like a bit more sole and stiffness for a fast race. I also feel like the MWU5 is a bit baggy, not the performance fit that I like. NB5000 is a bit too narrow in the midfoot for me, but enough sole for me to race in. So it's a fit issue on that one.

    Saucony A5 has a bit more room up front, A6 is a bit stiffer and racier perhaps. Hard to say, but they do feel different.
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