Does having a new pair of shoes make the old ones feel older on your feet?

So, I have a new pair of Altra One2's that I got this summer thanks to generous customer support at Altra. They're not quite in the rotation yet but they've been out on the town for a few miles just to get a feel for them. (*Disclosure: these were Shoes-to-get-shoes, not Shoes-because-I-needed-shoes). Tonight I pulled out the shoes they are going to replace in the lineup my very lovely and been good to me so far Brooks Pure Connects which I have loved since October when I picked them up at my secret cheap shoes source (Marshalls). 
They're pushing 400 miles on them and tonight they started to feel it. 
But my question is (because this was nagging in my head as I ran tonight) 
Did they feel older because I have a new pair just itching to get some miles on them and that have that new-out-of-the-box feel that always makes it easy and fun to go out running, or did they feel older because, well, they're older.  
(And Pete you probably can't comment on this since I imagine that with the fleet of review shoes that your shoes never age and you have found the shangri-la of new-out-of-the-box running shoes, review samples that magically keep arriving at your doorstep)(kidding)


  • Hy Cavetoad
    I just read your blog entry and i can only give you right in what you write. The time i was running in cushioned shoes i allways had the same feeling too. As you every 400 miles i bought a new pair of shoes and it allready felt the same. Just wanted to take on the new ones instead of the old ones. Thats when i heard the thory that you should buy 2 paitrs of the same shoe and rotate. So i did that too. Now i have been running for the last 4 years in minimalistic shoes from Vibram the five fingers. Even there when i buy after 400 to 500 miles a new pair i get the same sensation. But there you see a slight change because the sole has changed its grip on the forefoot mostly. I just have the feeling that i dont have that much grip ehen i run in the woods or taking turns. I just rotate between rainy and not rainy days. If i have time in the afternoon i will post two pics from my last year summer shoe and this of this year. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog entry. Bye
  • Yeah, most of my shoes get about 50 miles before I move on to the next thing :)
  • Yup. I have two pairs of Skechers Go Bionic in rotation and most of the time I grap the new pair. It's not a completely fair comparison, because the new pair is 0,5 size bigger. But I can also feel the difference in cushioning between the two shoes...
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