Altra One2

Ok so after waiting in vain for the Altra One2 to arrive in stores I ordered online, sizing up a half size to 10.5.  I never order shoes online because I really like to try them on and understand if there is a deal breaker right out of the gate, and with my local Roadrunner Sports I am 5 minutes away from a free exchange if I should not like the shoes after a run (90 days actually).  after reading the reviews and the description, I couldn't resist.

I am a Pureflow and Kinvara 5 guy now, like the lightweight, low drop and cushion shoes.  I have run a year and a half in PF but the new K5 had a toe box sufficient to make the switch after not loving the latest PF as much as previous iterations.

Long post to say I love love love the One2.  Feels lighter than the other shoes mentioned but with similar cushioning and the super toe box feature.  I am curious if there are any other runners who can compare the One2 to either the K5 or PF?


  • I'm definitely partial to the K5 and One2, less so the PureFlow, particularly v3 of the Flow. I feel like the Flows have gotten tighter and the fit of v3 is off. Need to try it with an insole swap. I think the One2 is a nice blend of cushion, flex, and light weight. And the roomy toebox is tough to beat!
  • Aspire how is the breathability of the One2?
  • I'm also curious about durability.
  • Sorry guys haven checked into the forum since the original posting.  you know I don't really think I ponder breathability much.  I've never said I sure love these shoes, but they could be more breathable.  Probably not the best to comment.  Though I will say that the One2 has so much room that I suppose they feel at least as breathable as the K5 and PF iterations I wear.

  • I'm also curious about durability. I have the Instinct 1.5 and the mesh on them started tearing with very few miles on them.

  • still rotating with the K5 and occasional Mizuno run, not a lot of miles on them.  I think I have put 40 miles on them maybe, too soon to tell.
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