Forefoot Varus & minimalist shoe selections

Hello.   I am more and more interested in minimalist running.  Currently training for a 13 mile road run (my second) and hope to do some 50K trail runs next year (ps. I've hiked this much back to back with a fast pack previously).

Okay my feet:   I have the pleasure of living in Boulder and have been able to get excellent help at the Newton store.  Danny noticed, what I think is referred to as a Forefoot Varus, and he adjusted my powerstep inserts with wedges under the ball of my big toe.  

The short: 
 Amazing:  perfect, like no knee or back pain; better posture standing and walking, etc.  The first moment he slide a sample piece to level my foot it was like a static noise in my head turned off and I didn't even know it was on...

Fast forward:  two pairs of newtons done and I realize they aren't for me (various reasons).   On my long backpacking trips, Inov-8 were great fit.   So I'd like to keep with forefoot, but not sure how to address forefoot varus.   On shorter barefoot runs, I'm not terribly concerned. But for trail runs and anything over 5 miles, I'd like foot covering

So question:  running with a 0mm // 3mm cushion ,  is there a way to address the Forefoot Varus, or will minimalist running support it.  Since the newton shop helped my fit with an adaption of an insert, I'm guessing that isn't an option for a minimalist shoe.    

I read an older article on this sight.  Yet I can't find a more recent conversation on this topic.



  • Hy i just read your post and googled Forefoot Varus. I do run for the last 3 years in Vibram Five Fingers. I did some trail running last year 40k and my first marathon this year in Luxembourg in 3h08 in my treksport vibrams.
    Before those minimalstic times i was a heel runner with a tendency to pronation. i had regularly knee,hipp and calf pain. All that is gone now. So i think that varus problem will change in time but you have to give it some time. My transitioning took me allmost 2 years with some pain, some visits to my kinesitherapaut and even an metatarsus fracture. So yes the transition wont be easy but now i run pain free. I think your varus problem will adapt itself in time. The body needs time to adjust and he will look instintively how would be the best way for your body to run. I hope you understand my english hehe. There is something called proprioception and it works also for the muscles and tendons in our feet. The brain gets the info from our feet that something is changing under the foot. Less cushioning so the brain says ok adjust andget stronger. And so the body changes....
  • Have you tried your inserts in a non-Newton shoe? I see no reason why you couldn't swap an insert among shoes and at least see if it works for you.
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