Marathon in Luxembourg in Treksport from Vibram in 3h08m

Hello i did the marathon in Luxembourg this year. It took me 2 years to get the strength an shape to be able to run that distance. I also run 21k and mostly 10k races in Europe. 10k races i mostly finish in 36-37 minutes. I would never trade my Vibrams back to ordinary cushioned running shoes. Running barefoot is not something i will do because i still fear to break something while racing.


  • imageAnd those i do use in my vibrams or at home or in my traditionnal shoes.
  • I Love my vibrams they are the best thing to happen to me, I like to run smaller 5K marathons or out on some trails and I also wouldn't trade mine for the world! Check out this eBay store they are always running great sales on vibrams. I've personally bought 3 vibrams from them already. &_nkw=vibram
  • Hy thanks for the info but i do live in europe and taexes t ohave them sent owver but be too much. So i will stay with the german store on the net. And i am sponsored by the luxemburgian reseller of vibram because i am the only licenced runner in Luxembourg in Five Fingers
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