Knitido Toe socks

imageimageHello,my name is Reinesch Ralph.I am 37 and i do live and work in Luxembourg (Europe). I have been running for 12 years now and for the last 4 years only in Five Fingers. It took me 3 years to transition and i did my first marathon in the vibrams here in Luxembourg in 3h08m. I do wear toe socks from Knitido because i dont like smelly shoes and feet. The brand is mostly sold in Japan. They do have a store in Berlin and i have several shops who sell them in Luxembourg. I am looking for new shops in France, Belgium, and the UK. Our biggest competitor are Injinji but mostly because they are cheap. Knitido has been developping itself very slowly. they do have more than 20 patents. so if anyone has a question feel free to ask me, or go on my blog on


  • This is how the MTS from Knitido lookss like. You can wear them in normal running shoes too, because thatimage silver layer will glue your foot in your shoe and you wont wiggle not that much anymore in your shoes.
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