MT10v2 Fit VS MT10v1

Hi Guys,
Birthday time is rolling around again for me and I am going to pick up the MT10v2. I have had the v1's since 2012 and have put over 1500 miles on them in all terrains. Incredibly durable shoe and still servicable now albeit beginning to look a bit worse for wear now.

I recently picked up the MR10v2 for a very good price online but unfortunately even though the same last NL-1 is used they are a WAY bigger fit than the MT10v1. My normal shoe size is 11UK(11.5US). For a comfortable and moulded fit even with a sock in the MT10v1 I went with size 12UK(12.5US). However the 12.5US in the MR10v2 was I estimate 1 full size larger.

My concern is, does the MT10v2 fit exactly the same length wise as the v1. The v1 fit me in 12 US but my toes were almost at the top, so the 12.5US was the sweet spot. Would the same fit be on the money in the MT10v2's.

Appreciate any advice on the topic,


  • I'm curious about the fit of the MT10v2 myself.  I have the v1 which I just use for casual wear--running in them, on the road at least, hurt the outsides of my feet.  I'd like to eventually get a second pair.

    If you go to the Running Warehouse page for the MT10v2 ( and click on "Shoe Me How It Fits" you can compare the fit of the v1 versus the v2. For me it suggests going up a half size, although even that isn't as long as the v1, so maybe even one full size.  From previous experience, I would say though that the Shoefitr app is not 100% accurate, but it's a start.
  • Well, I have the v1 and v2 on either feet at the moment and from feel I can see that the v2 is just ever so slightly bigger. I have a 9.5 US in both. The bigger feel is mainly in the roominess of the toe box where it is "possibly" 1-2 mm longer. Also, with the metatarsal strap structured differently it has given me a little bit more room in the v2.
    So the v2, at least on me, fits just slightly bigger which is welcomed as my feet have grown ever so slightly from the v1 to the v2
  • Thanks for the info!  I found it hard to believe that the v2 would be over one half size smaller than the v1.  That's the problem with Shoefitr, it's not always accurate.
  • I didn't notice a major difference between the versions in length, but the forefoot is more comfortable in v2 on me, probably due to a change in the structure of the forefoot strap. I wear a size 10 in both.
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