Saucony Kinvara - Falling Out of Love

I've been running in Kinvaras for a few years, but lately they just aren't really doing it for me.  The 2 was spectacular, I didn't care for the 3, and though the 4 seems better to me than the 3, they still aren't the 2.  Rather than taking another crack at it with the 5, I was thinking of moving away from Saucony.  Where to next?  I don't think I want to go into much less of a shoe, but also not too much more.  New Balance seems very popular in my area - maybe the 1400 (too small?) or 890 (too big)?  Some other brand?

Thoughts anyone?


  • It might help if we knew what you like/dislike about the Kinvara in order to make sugestions.
  • I really like the 5, it's the best one I have worn. If you are looking for something new have you thought about Skechers?
  • The 5 is a great shoe, probably my favorite since Kinvara 1. But you could also try something like the New Balance 1400, or maybe the Fresh Foam if you don't have a wide foot. Skechers GoRun is also a good one, but wait till Fall for GR4, awesome shoe and kind of Kinvara-like. Brooks has the Pure series which are competitors to the Kinvara, the Pure Flow would be the most direct comparison. Asics Gel Lyte33 another good option.
  • I just posted on this topic.  both a PF and Kinvara 5 runner and I love the Altra One2

  • I also loved the Kinvara 2, ambivalent about the 3 which led me to a change in brands. Due to it's similarities in both weight and aesthetics, I tried the New Balance 890v3. They were a joy to run in, fast and light with great ground feel, albeit a bit to springy. I took a chance on the 890v4 and I couldn't be happier. They are much firmer than their predecessor and slightly wider in the toe-box, which gives them a nice roomy feel in the forefoot. I have over a hundred miles on them, consisting of both long runs and speed-work. They performed admirably on both. The soles are a series of pods with a spine running down the middle. In my mind this facilitates a twisting motion, in my case from outside to inside into toe-off, allowing me to concentrate more on the push than on the foot strike, which was ultimately the downfall of the K3. I could continue gushing, but I think I've said my peace. Thanks for allowing me to contribute and good luck on your purchase.
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