Merrell Dash Glove but with a bit more padding?

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I can't seem to find the right shoe for me.  I was running in a Saucony Mirage, but still struggled with some knee and metatarsal pain. I think the forefoot was too narrow.  I bought a Merrell Dash glove and love them.  They fit well and feel great on my feet.  Knee pain is much better, but I'm just having a hard time adjusting to so little padding.  I've been running in them for over a month, gradually building up mileage.  Yesterday the bottom of my feet and arches were hurting some during a 2 mile run.  I went to a sporting goods store last night and tried on a Kinvara 3.  They fit well but seemed too cushy.  Could there be a shoe that is between the Dash Glove and the Kinvara 3 in cushioning?  I need a wide forefoot, but narrow on the heel.  Maybe I just need more time in the Dash Gloves?  Or maybe adding an insole?  Thanks so much!


  • I think a good in between shoe could be the Skora.  It has more padding than the Dash Glove but not the cushy feel of the Kinvara.  Best yet they have just introduced women's shoes.  I have the Form and really like it.  One of the only zero drop not really heavy in the cushion department shoes I can wear.  I think they could be worth a try and hopefully you live near where a store carries them.
  • Thanks so much for the suggestion.  That's a shoe I've never heard of before.  I'll try to find it and check it out.  Thanks!
  • Check out the Merrell Bare Access Arc - same fit as the Dash Glove, has cushion, and is also zero drop. Also maybe take a look at the Altra Intuition.
  • Thanks!  I'll check those out.
  • Nice information.  I too run the Kinvara 3 and it has just a bit to much cushion in them after my first 200 miles.  Perhaps I ready to try somewhat less cushion.

  • I've gone from the Knivara's to the Skora Base, which I love for short runs (less than 7 miles) but needed something for longer runs. Pete recommended the Skechers Go Bionic as a zero drop shoe in between the Skora's and the Knivara's. I've done about 50 miles in them so far and they are awesome! Just enough cushion but extremely flexible and lightweight.
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