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Hey everyone I have always been a guy that runs in one pair if shoes and as they wear down buy another pair. I have read a lot about rotating shoes and have a quick question.

Do you buy the same brand of shoes but different type of shoe in that brand or do you buy a different brand of shoes? I know there are a lot of good options out there so was curious on everyone's opinion.

Selfishly i ask because I am currently in the Kinvara 5 and extremely happy so I am not sure what to buy to use in addition to that shoe. I have thought of going softer (Nike Free 4.0 or Skechers Go Bionic) or going to more of a speed shoe (Asics Hyperspeed 6 or Saucony type A)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.



  • I think it makes a lot of sense to have different shoes for different purposes or just to use something different once in a while.  Some people will stick to the same brand, but I see no reason to limit yourself.  Feel free to try different brands and different types of shoes.  Most of the shoes I have right now are Saucony, but that's only because I like some of their shoes more than most other brands. 

    (FYI though, I'm not sure you'll find the Nike Free to be softer than the Kinvaras.  More flexible, but not really softer.)
  • I don't think it matters if the same brand or different as long as the shoe fits ok. I'd agree with Sleepyhead that the Free is not really softer than the Kinvara, but it is much more flexible which will give you a different feel and work you a bit differently. A flat would also be a good option and in many cases cheaper.
  • Why not just buy a second pair of Kinvaras if yours are working for you?  That way, as the current pair gets worn down, you'll already have a pair that is broken in.
  • Rotating the same model of shoe seems to defeat the purpose of rotating for me. That's more overlapping than rotating. I rotate shoes to be less boring, and also to add variety to my runs (even if that variety may only be in my head).

    I usually have five different shoes in rotation and try to have a variety of cushioning, weight, drop etc.
  • Bryan - the idea is to rotate so that the body experiences slightly different stresses in different shoes to make you overall stronger and less prone to overuse injury by using the same thing all the time. That would be the reason for running in a few shoes that are a bit different in construction, firmness, etc.

  • Makes sense.  I can see that.

    (Makes me feel not so bad for only having owned two of the same model shoe only a couple of times ever)
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