Feet pain

I currently run in Torins, while I really like them, got read of my PF and they feel good when running, my feet hurt after the run, it feels like the small joints between my ankle and toes, it last for a day or so.
I am ready to get back to Newtons if I can't figure this out, maybe energy or kimset? , but I just don't understand why I wouldn't feel any pain during the run, but I do afterwords.
What say you?


  • Have you tried another shoe to see if the same thing happens? Torins are zero drop so they may be stressing your feet in ways you are not used to.
  • I ran in gravity and mizuno wave ferrus, neither gave me problems. I guess I could buy some other shoes I was just hoping to keep th e Altras since they make my PF disappear.
  • Any other changes lately that might have coincided with onset of pain - training volume, speed, surfaces, etc? Could be unrelated to the shoe.

    One thing to consider is that the Torin is not a very flexible shoe, and the fact that the Ferus was ok makes me curious. I wonder if something like the Altra TheOne2 might a good option - soft and cushioned like the Torin, similar fit, but much more flexible. 
  • Good point, something between Torins and the ferrus would be nice.
  • I am wondering how the GR R3 and the GRU compare to the torin cushion ways, I think I am going to give the ultra a try and see how it goes.

  • Hello shoes with a zero drop make your foot communicate with your brain. Call it proprioception. I had to learn that the hard way when i transitioned from cushioned running shoes to the vibram five fingers. The muscles under your feet, like the abducto hallucis, flexor dgitorum brevis and the quadrutus plantae and others are you have to imagine it, lying between the cushion of your shoe and the earth. Now if you take that cushion away the feeling that those muscles get is pain. So they ask the brain what to do. The brain says: " if it stays soft be soft, but if it gets harder,become harder." so the mscles are starting to adapt themselves to the new underground you have given them. The muscles will become stronger in time,so you change back to a more cushioned shoe or you can change between 2 models and i can assure you that in time that pain will go away when the foot muscles will have become stronger.
  • I'd say the GR Ride is more similar in terms of cushioning to the Torin. GRU is very soft and feels kind of rockered.
  • Gday....you might want be more specific with respect to where exactly the pain is.....is it across the top of the foot or underneath the foot..?
    if you have pain across the top of the foot after running it could be related to the shoe being too flat for you and you'll be getting  compression issues with the midfoot joints.... You can test this quite easily by placing  a 4 mm piece of rubber under your heels... Place them under the shoe inlay so they don't slide forward. If you notice decreasing pain after trying this.... Then you have foot which is quite touchy with respect to  shoe offset...and so you would want to be taking Mr Runblogger's advice with respect to shoe change....or alternatively not... If the 4 mm does the trick
    For example somebody with a hi arch foot, pes cavus, will very often haven naturally tighter calves and possibly a forefoot equinus and as such is susceptible to midfoot compression syndrome. but it's not just so with  high arched feet.
    The comment I read with respect to " 0 drop shoes  making your foot communicate with your brain "...what's that about.... Your foot is always communicating with your brain..... It's just maybe you're not listening or speaking a different language. People keep forgetting  basic things...we are all made differently, structure and function  differ and what works for one person is not necessarily a good idea for another..... So if you're getting pain mix it up a bit experiment with different setup and maybe you'll find something more ideal.... For example you could run in the shoe you are using now and use of 4 mm lift and find that it feels much better or alternatively not..... But you got to try and trying does not always mean you need to change footwear  you can also change the setup within  the same shoes very subtly and see what kind of feedback you get .
    Cheers mate
  • Thanks for your response.
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