Gorun Ultra and the Gorun Ultra LT

Does anyone know what the difference is between these two shoes?

Also, I am thinking about using these for hiking instead of a big bulky hiking boot.  Has anyone used these shoes for hiking?



  • The LT version is the same as the standard GRU except for a "leather-ish" upper material. I saw the LT version at a local supermarket in the shoe section, and it was a white suede-leather sort of upper. I am not 100% sure what the target market for the LT is, other than perhaps someone who wants to try wearing the GRU in a more formal environment like a workplace. I personally would not want to wear the LT for anything active, as I'm pretty sure it will have much less ventilation than the standard GRU. 

    I have used the GRU as a camping shoe, and it works very well for hiking. I am mainly a runner, so I did not go on any long hikes but it works great where there are rocks, roots, sand, dirt, etc.  I have put in many miles running trails in both the GRU and the GRU2 (new version not released yet).

    I also just found out a few weeks ago that in September, Skechers is planning to release a version of the GRU (or maybe by then it will be the GRU2) that will have a water resistant lining added to the upper. It will not be 100% water proof and immersible, but it might be helpful if you do a lot of hiking in rainy conditions.  I don't know what the model name of this variant will be, I just know it will be coming out because the person in charge of the wear testing program told me about it.  
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