Feedback on Merrell Bare Access Ultra and AllOut Flash shoes ?

These two are not available in Europe yet but since I run a lot in Bare Access 2 (probably the shoes I use most) I'm quite curious about Bare Access Ultra and AllOut Flash.
Merrell are by far the shoes that fit me best (tight around the midfoot and wide toebox) so these can give me some nice new options for training.
The "standard" Bare Access can be a little bit harsh at ground contact so curious about the extra cushioning of the Bare Access Ultra (soft cushioning or taller shoe without much more "give" ?). And I don't mind about the 6mm drop of the AllOut Flash, how does this one ride ?

Thanks for your feedbacks.


  • I just got the Bare Access Ultra and love them. I've only done two runs in them (4 miles and 13 miles), but they've been great. I usually run in the BA3s, and the Ultras are softer and more responsive. They are a bit "taller" (12 mm of midsole foam I think), but still have good ground feel. They're also still very lightweight. In essence, they're the same as the Bare Access, but with lighter overlays and more midsole cushioning. I also like that there's a bit more cushion around the ankle of the upper. It helps my ankle stay locked in, which was a bit of an issue for me in the BA3. Honestly, as someone who really like the BA, the Ultra is probably the best shoe I've ever run in. If you like the BA2 but want something more forgiving, the Ultra is what you're looking for.
  • Thanks a lot Dan !
    Do you use the same size in both Bare Access and Bare Acess Ultra ? I need to size down 1/2 size in Bare Access VS most of my shoes (8.5 in Bare Access 2, 9 in most shoes, 9.5 sometimes for short or narrow shoes)... so if I wear 8.5 Bare access will I have the same roomy feel in the Bare Access Ultra 8.5 ?
    It's impressive Merrell managed to keep the weight of the "standard" BA in the Ultra ! :-)
  • Yes, the sizing is the same. I go down a half size for Merrells too.
  • I love the Bare Access 2 as well and wasnt even half way considering the Bare Access Ultra!
    But boy have you convinced me, Dan!
    Im looking into them as my next shoe purchase! 

    Thanks Dan! :D
  • Nobody has tried Allout Flash yet ? Since Bare Access Ultra still isn't available in Europe :-( I think I'm gonna order in the US, and I'm very tempted to order both... I just can't afford to make a mistake on sizing... Thanks :-)

  • How is the brethability of the Bare Access Ultra? Can you see light passing through the mesh? The Merrell site here doesn't have the "ventilated" logo for the Ultra as it has for the all out flash and fuse.
  • I can see light passing through the mesh when looking inside the shoe, if that's what you mean? Breathability seems comparable to the regular BA.
  • I have the AllOut Rush which I think is on the same last as the Flash. Fits me perfectly in my usual size 10, which is what I wore in the Bare Access as well.
  • Thanks Pete,
    I went crazy and ordered both Bare Access Ultra and AllOut Flash shoes, since I had to order in the US let's include two pairs in the package ;-) . Both ordered in 8.5 like my Bare Access 2, hope they both fit well !
    I'll let you know how things go.
  • Both shoes have my attention too. There is already some confusion about the AllOut Flash: last edition of Running Competitor Magazine listed them in their article about "maximalist" shoes and gave them a drop of 8mm (17mm-9mm) whereas other sources mention 6mm (14/8). Both of them not really maximalist heights in my opinion.
    And I picked up a rumour that the Saucony Virrata line will be discontinued? If that is true, it would mean that I need to look for another zero drop, lightweight shoe with cushioning and there the BA Ultra might show up.
  • I'm curious to see what you all think of them!
  • Received them today... after receiving the Clifton yesterday and running 1h with them (Love Love Love !!!). Anyway, I think I like the upper of the Bare Access 2 more than either Bare Access Ultra (good fit but the front plastic toe protection does not feel good on top of the toes) and AllOut Flash (I'll have to play with laces because angle is VERY wide... and I can feel the plastic overlays on the side a bit). Having said that, I'll run in the Bare Access Ultra tomorrow as walking in them tonight felt very good ! I think they will be great. Can't say more about AllOut Flash yet but will keep you posted.

    Did I say Hoka Clifton felt AWESOME !!! ? ;-)))))
  • Love the fit and comfort of the Clifton, just feel like I have to work a bit harder when running roads in them. Better on the trail.
  • Really curious about the BA Ultra!
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    I've never run in Merrells before, what other brand would compare to the cushioning of the BA Ultra?
    Is it as soft as, say, a Nike Free 4.0?

    I've been thinking about getting the Altra One2, but the things I hear about its durability are making me hesitate.
    Maybe I'll try the BA Ultra as an alternative.
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