Altra The One2 sizing

I don't think I am special in sizing. I use US 10.5 in Asics, and 11 in any Altra. I have Superior, Provision, The One and Torin, all in size 11. When I got the One2 in 11 the toebox seems tighter (height) and my big toes got blisters. Does anyone have experience with One2 sizing compared to e.g. the original The One.  Btw. this is a completely different shoe and more like a Kinvara with a wide toebox. Super light shoe, but I am sticking with the original The One for speed work.


  • Have heard several people who have said the same thing, most suggest going up a half size in The One2 relative to other Altras. Not sure what size mine are off the top of my head, think they are half size up from my usual.
  • I agree about going up a 1/2 size, even from your usual Altra size.  Here is a brief post since it is related to the shoe you are asking about: I normally wear a 12 in the Altras and if I purchase this shoe again, I would go to a 12.5.  After messing around with the shoe some more, I think it is an issue of both toe box height and length.  Hope this helps. 
  • I normally wear a size 14, so I don't have the option of half-sizes. Would you recommend I stay at a 14 or go up a full size?
  • i'd recommend getting a 15.  it fits like a 14 in most other brands (which is unfortunate for me because i need a real size 15).
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