Altra Repitition or Paradigm, which one might suit me?

I've been looking at both shoes and can't decide between the two.  I've never run in zero drop shoes before and I think the closest  I've come are probably Hoka Bondi and Saucony kinvara (both are under 6mm drop).  I'm light (5'6" 130lb) but need something very well cushioned for easy runs.  I have fallen arches, run with superfeet green insoles, and just getting over posterior tibial tendonitis injury early this year (most likely from overpronating and higher mileage running in neutral shoes w/o any orthotics). 

I had a running analysis recently done and it showed me to be a bit of a heel striker.  I already have a somewhat high 170-180 cadence but I'd like to see if I can bring my running more into a midfoot strike to help alleviate some of the knee pain I tend to get during the late stages of runs.

Any suggestions on which shoe might be more appropriate for me?.  One has more cushion and a little lighter (the Paradigm) and the other is a little heavier, has support but not as thick in the midsole.

thanks in advance


  • Sorry to go off on a tangent, but if you want to become more of a mid-foot runner, you could supplement your regular running with short (but increasing) runs in very minimal shoes, or barefoot. 
    I did this myself and managed to bang up my feet by getting carried away with distance, but my foot striking and form improved greatly from the exercise.
    I'll turn the Altra responses over to others with experience with those.
  • lateentry,  thanks for the suggestion but I'm really limited these days with the amount of miles I can do in a week with less cushioned shoes.   I do a couple faster runs in the week with lightweight trainers (using the adidas adios at the moment) and the rest of the runs are fairly slow easy recovery type runs on as much grass and dirt I can.   Doing these easier runs on minimal or less cushioned shoes will just take away from the amount of effort I can put in for hard days. 
  • I have the Paradigm but have not had a chance to run in them yet. Curious - any reason the Hoka Bondi didn't work for the purpose you describe? Is it just the zero drop?
  • Pretty much just want to give the zero drop thing a try.  Bondi is a good shoe just too pricey and doesn't have enough support to prevent ankle twisting.  I think I'll give the Paradigm a try.  thanks.
  • this recomendation is not 0 drop (it is 4 or 8mm...depends on the insole you use), but try the Skechers Go Run Ride 3, man....I absolutely love them!!!

    It has plenty of cushion and might just work well for you....

    It has this MStrike technology that almost forces you to strike midfoot....

    Just a thought :D

  • Runblogger,

    did you have to size 1/2 down on the Olympus? Is the paradigm sizing the same as the Olympus? Thanks
  • I actually don't have the Olympus, just the Paradigm. And my Paradigms are pre-production so no size on them, but they fit really big so I'm guessing they sent me a 10.5. 
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