Garmin 620 Running Dynamics

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Ever since I got my 620 I've been playing around with all those variables RD brings.

I've been able to improve dramatically both GCT and Cadence, and although I've been able to improve and lower the initial 10.5 Vertical Oscillation, I haven't been able to consistently run below 8.5.

I'd like to know if putting all those values in the "elite" range is good, or if it's something I should be aiming at?

Can you all post your own values, and see how I compare to you?

Here are my stats:

V.O. Around 9.1 -  8.5
Cadence Around 190
GCT Around 180 - 220


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    An image is worth a thousand words.... ;)

  • For some reason, I just can't seem to get right the linking to the images....sorry tried my best :S
  • Here's some data from a hilly 8 mile run I did last month:

    Avg Run Cadence:179 spm
    Max Run Cadence:199 spm
    Avg Vertical Oscillation:8.5 cm
    Avg Ground Contact Time:240 ms
    Avg Stride Length:1.05 m
  • Pete, since you're quite involved with byomechanics, this is a question for you:

    Should I be aiming to reduce my vertical oscillation in terms of taking it into a Purple (elite) level? Or should I stick to something more "natural" as between 8-9 cm feel?

    I've noticed that when I run in high drop shoes like my Boston 4's my VO increases, compared to when I run in my go run ride or VFF Bikilas.

    Another question:

    Since I got the 620, my cadence has quite increased. Nowadays I'm doing 190-195 steps per minute, and cadence feels "natural", I even tried lowering it to 180 and it just feels akward.  Should I keep this high cadence or try to reduce it into the 18x's ?

    Thanks in advance, hope you can answer this question :D

    Gracias!  (sorry for my bad english)
  • Your cadence is pretty high, I'd simply go with what feels natural and comfortable to you. If you were at 150 I might suggest rasing it a bit, but there really is no good data on what is an ideal cadence for a given runner. I'd say the same thing about VO. Not sure if there is any good data saying what is ideal, it's an area I need to do some reading on. Not sure Garmin's designation of the elite level is really all that meaningful. As with any form change, I usually look to whether a runner is injured and if not, tend to prefer avoiding major changes and rec using what feels most comfortable.
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