Supination and tight hamstrings with Virratas

I've recently started running up to 25km in my Saucony Virratas, but I've noticed the last couple of runs that my left foot isn't rolling in as much when I'm wearing them. Also - and I don't know if this is related - my left hamstring gets very tight. Any advice or thoughts on what the issue might be?

If it helps, I'm been running in low and zero drop shoes for nearly four years now so there's no change there (though the stack height is much higher than I'm used to). I don't see the same issues running in Mizuno Wave Universe or NB MR00's.

I was hoping the Virratas would be my shoes for Berlin this year but at this point I'm just not convinced.


  • Hmm..strange. Wondering if it may be due to the Virrata being a pretty soft shoe with a cushy forefoot compared to the others you have been using?
  • Thanks Pete, I think you might be on to something there. I went out for 4 miles in some Skoras last night and didn't have the same problem. My stride felt much flatter, less bouncy.

    I'll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks, see what happens.
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