Race Technical Tees are they as good as the real thing?

Do race give away technical tees work as well as name brand wicking shirts?  I live in Atlanta and its really hot and humid and am not sure if it is worth spending money on buying shirts if the ones at races will do the trick.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • In my experience, the answer is definitely no... my race tees have been great for using as "warm-up" gear before a race or the occasional casual tee, but I've never found them to be as wickable (is that a word?) or breathable as the tech shirts I've actually purchased (Nike, 2XU, Sugoi, UA, etc.).  I've tried some harder workouts in "freebies", and they've only been slightly better than a cotton shirt for me.
  • It totally depends on the race. I have done some races where the shirts totally suck from being able to actually run in them. But I have 2 or 3 shirts from races that are some of my best and most comfortable shirts to run in regardless of conditions.
  • I'd say "no", but I'm not a huge fan of technical shirts, especially in warm weather.
  • I would say that most of my race tech t's are junk but there are a few from some good races where they provide great tech shirts, as good as branded store shirts. Most feel like they are made by cutting up those cheap recycled shopping bags and making them into a shirt. Good enough maybe for the gym but rubbish for a warm sweaty run.
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