Road shoe recommendation for trail runner?

I've been a trail runner exclusively for the last 6 or  years, but because of some logistical complications in my life, I've started adding some road runs to the mix.  I typically run 4 or 5 days a week, 20-30 miles, 3-8 miles at a go.  My favorite trail shoe is currently the INOV8 Trailroc 235, but I also run in Altra Lone Peak 1.5s and have just tried a pair of Salomon Sense Ultras.  On trails, I tend to prefer flexbile, zero-drop shoes.  I've had occasional battles with PF but can usually chase it by changing shoes and running habits for a bit.

So far on the roads, I've run in the Salomons, Brooks PureFlow 2, and Pure Drift 1.  The Salomons feel a little harsh, though they're the best of the bunch so far.  The Pure Flows feel too squishy.  The Pure Drifts feel good when I'm running fast, but over 5 or more miles, I start to get pressure points from the individual sections of sole in my forefoot.

I would love to get suggestions for road shoes to try out.  I'd love to stay in the range of 0-4mm drop, relatively low stack height, and a bit more cushioning than my INOV8s.  I also have a fairly wide foot.

Many thanks!



  • I run primarily trails in the Santa Fe area but also do at least one road run per week. I think a safe starting point is the Saucony Kinvara which is a light 4mm drop shoe. I prefer 4mm drop for most of my shoes. 

    I also liked the Brooks Pure Flow 1, but not the 2nd or 3rd iteration of that shoe. It seems they've added more material to the shoe and I preferred the simplicity of the first version.

    I am also trying to find a second road shoe. I have been experimenting with the Merrell Bare Access 3 which is a 0mm drop road shoe but am finding 0mm may not be my thing. I have been curious about the Pearl Izumi Road N0 and Asics Lyte 33 3.
  • I've got one run in my new Montrail Fluidflex II. At this point, I would say that these could be strong possibility for a road to trail shoe. Light, 5mm drop, plenty of toe room and enough cushion for the road. 

    Up until now, I've enjoyed my New Balance Mt110 for both trail and road, but they are a much firmer ride and are knobbier and are/or are about to be discontinued.
  • I know you said you were looking for a low drop shoe, but I can't say enough about the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. It is a phenomenal road shoe, and it really "feels" like a more lower drop shoe than the specs say that it is. I have also used it very successfully on a number of trail runs.  The shoe is quite light and has a very roomy toebox, so I think it hits on some of your target parameters.
  • Have you tried any of the Altra road shoes? The One2 is pretty roomy and more cushioned than the Trailroc. Flexible like the PureDrift. I'd also throw the Asics Gel Lyte33v3 out there, but try on first and make sure it doesn't have that lumpy forefoot that my pair seems to have.
  • I agree about trying the One2.  I like the lone peak 1.5s alot - I have converted them to a "road shoe" by taking a knife and removing some of the trail lug height from the outsole. 

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