Insoles for GOrun and GOrun Ride

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I recently added the GOrun and GOrun Ride to my running rotation. I would like to use an insole with the shoes but do not like the additional 4 mm drop added with the insoles that come with the shoes. The insole from the GObionic would probably be perfect but are not available for sale. Any recommendations? Thanks!


  • You could try the 3mm thick (zero drop) insole from Inov8. They sell them at Zappos for 10 bucks each, and have free shipping. They also sell a 6mm version if you want more cushion. I recently ordered the 3mm variant, and it seems to be a very good insole.
  • Wow... this might solve my issue with the GoRun 3 for tri racing.  The extra room in the shoe when going sockless never bothered me when I was training, but when racing... there was just too much play.  I wanted a little more cushion, but no additional drop.  Like nofishman, the insole that comes with the GR3's changes the feel of the shoe for me (negatively).  Thanks Brad and Pete... I'm going to give these a shot.
  • It seems crazy for me to think that changing out the stock sockliner has become almost "standard methodology" for running shoes lately, or at least for those of us that are super shoe geeks. It sure is a nice way to dial in fit, though, especially when the shoe is just a tiny bit too tight or loose. Yet another tool to add to my crazily expanding runners "toolkit"
  • The nice thing is once you have a few shoes swapping is easy and you don't have to buy other insoles. I use Kinvara, Skechers, and Nike Free insoles in a lot of shoes.

  • I'm with you on that idea, Pete!  Now that I have been messing around with the insoles a bit and working on fine tuning shoes to my preference, it's kind of second nature to swap around.  I just feel bad for the newbie that thinks they should be able to get away with running in a single shoe for all of their training !
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