Running sunglasses

I live in the desert and bike and run daily. In the last two years I have destroyed a pair of Bolle sport sunglasses and a pair of Serfas sport sunglasses. Both fit well, stayed on my face nicely, and protected my eyes. However, I sweat through the nose pieces. Any recommendations for a good replacement pair?


  • I wear Oakley flak jackets xlj's. Hands down my favorite pair of sunglasses. I wear them daily, for work, for running, everything. They come in a variety of colors and you can get replacement lenses, ear pieces, and nose pieces. Usually around 150 bucks but I would imagine you can find them cheaper at some online stores.
  • I tried Flak jackets for running but they are not vented and tend to fog up. I would recommend racing jackets-you can get vented lenses and more coverage around the lower half of your eyes. Lots of adventure racers use them especially for running in the desert.
  • Anything in the Maui Jim rimless nylon lineup. MJ's are the most amazing glasses ever. Super lightweight, they disappear on your face after a few minutes. I wear the Ho'okipa and the Lighthouse. I'll never buy anything else. YMMV :)
  • The Running Swede reviewed several models at and also includes Coach Caleb's opinion.  
  • I have a pair of Tifosi sunglasses that I like, can't remember the model though. The Clymb often has good deals on sunglasses.

  • Tifosi also comes with a bifocal lens. For us older runners it helps with reading the watch face.
  • I'm a big fan of the Smith Pivlock v2 series... no frames (which make it great for biking), adjustable nose and temple pieces, and super easy to change out lenses for conditions.  The replacement lenses are reasonably priced should you want to purchase a replacement or add to your collection.  I'm a heavy head sweater, and have very little bridge to my nose... but the Smiths stay in place pretty effectively for me.  Each Pivlock v2 comes with 3 lenses.  It's also just my opinion, but I also think they're pretty stylish, so I wear them out casually when I'm not running/cycling.

    Not a mark for the company... just really satisfied with the product.
  • I use Tifosi glasses as well.
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