GoRuns and metarsiul pain

I love, LOVE GoRuns!
But I have developed over the years rather severe metatarsiul pain in both of my feet. I'm guessing this is from the rather "overly" flexible forefoot.
Has anyone else "run" across this type of issue?
A co-worker of mine also has experienced this sort of pain/discomfort after a year or so in the GoRun's.
BTW I have been in several pair and have my 15 year old daughter running in them too, so with the exception of the recent spate of muted color scheme's (hate,HATE them) am the biggest fan of Skecher's!  


  • Have not experienced this myself. Are you in the regular GoRun or the GoRun Ride?
  • I have run in both Pete. 

    As of late I have run with a powerstep insole in place, give's me some arch, but doesn't 
    seem to interfere with the "spirt" of the shoe......
    Seem to remember the pronounced arch in the original GoRun not bothering me too much.... 
    Did not have success in the GoBionic, might have some Mortons foot in the toe area.

    Just checking to see if anyone had run ( :) ) across this!
  • Could be the flexibility, hard to say. When I see complaints about the Skechers it seems to more typically be Achilles type stuff possibly due to the soft heel and enlarged thickness in the midfoot. 
  • I have had metatarsal pain problems that I THINK might be related to my Skechers shoe as well. I am not 100% confident, but one of the few changes that I made in my training was to do a vast majority of my miles in the (upcoming) GoRunUltra2. I have been doing wear testing for skechers, so I am trying to get a lot of miles on them. In the weeks/month leading up to my pain, I strayed from my usual very regular rotation of about 4 or 5 shoes and did almost all my miles in the GRU2.

    Ironically, the met pain seems to be going away now; but about 2 weeks ago I started having some heel/arch pain (in the same foot). I don't think it is PF, as it doesn't seem to match all of the characteristics I read online, but I am not sure of that either.  
  • Perhaps its an issue with vertical oscillation.....

    Why could this be?  It might be so that you're bouncing a lot and landing TOO HARD on your forefoot.  I had this kind of issue (both with Kinvaras and Newton Gravitys) and ditched the idea of running in "reduced" shoes.  

    After some time of going back to 9-12 mm drop shoes, I came back to 4mms (GoRun Ride 3), and I can`t be happier about it.

    Make some research, and make sure you're not bouncing too much.

    Good luck ;)
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