Road glove line

I was looking on running warehouse and I noticed that the road glove 3's were on liquidation. I went to merrell's website and I noticed that they did not have them listed there. I am concerned that they are going to discontinue that line. Does anyone know if that is the case?


  • JD, I see both male and female versions listed on their website right now, they are on clearance for $70. Not sure about plans for future models.
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    JD, Now that I'm on a desktop I get the same problem - no road gloves listed. But I was able to see them last night when viewing their site on my phone - so apparently they're still listed as available via their mobile website, but not their desktop site.

    Edit- they're just shuffled around - available on the clearance page:
  • They are discontinued. My brother called the company and confirmed it with them. I am not sure if they plan on making a road glove 4
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