New Balance 1400TB vs 1400v2 - What's the difference

I saw 1400TB (not sure what that is) at a department store on sale for about $60. Is there a big difference between this and the 1400v2s that Peter reviewed?

Here's what it looks like:

Is it worth the $avings or is the 1400v2 that much better?


  • They're basically the 1400v1, so look at them as a comparison between the v1 and v2.
  • Yes, looks like the 1400v1 with a different upper. No idea what the TB designation is, but NB sometimes makes cheaper versions of core running shoes for sale at shopping malls and discount stores. They did this with the MT101 trail shoe for example.
  • Nothing new/different about this one.  Running Warehouse has them still on liquidation:

    I do remember seeing a FB post from Dominic Grossman (NB athlete) that the upper was changed as was quite a bit lighter than the first upper for the 1400, but the mesh is the only change on it.
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