Mizuno Evo Levitas/Cursoris reviews?


Has anyone tried these shoes? I'm looking for something to use for road running, so hard surfaces, with a bit more cushioning than the Merrel dash glove... 

Also does anyone know how Mizuno sizes compare with Nike, Merrel or Saucony? I've never bought Mizuno shoes before but these caught my attention.



  • There's a guest review on runblogger about the Cursoris and the Levitas:

    I have the Levitas and use it without insoles for road running. The shape of the shoe is a bit odd. If you don't have wide feet you should definitely size down in these shoes. I have them in my normal size and they're quite long (width is ok for my wide feet). But try shoefitr for that (available at runningwarehouse)
  • I wouldn't call Cursoris squishy. My model for squishy is Brooks PureConnect 2. I would describe Cursoris as moderate-soft. Brooks PureDrift (with a 0-drop insole) would be moderate-firm.
    I agree that Cursoris is comfortably wide and you should get half-size smaller.
  • Thanks all! So do you know how the size compares with say Nike, Merrell or Saucony? There's so much variation in running shoe sizes I'm not sure what my normal size is anymore!
  • Wow I  just discovered shoefitr!! Never knew it existed, I haven't seen it in European sites. Brilliant! Does it tend to be quite accurate?

  • I have the cursoris version 1 and it is one of the best shoes i have tried. Super breathable with a very stretchy upper, it has a sock like fit. Soft with enough cushioning. The only issue i had was that the heel is a bit loose but i got used to it after a while.
  • Thanks! I've ordered a pair, just hope I got the size right!
  • I bought my Levitas 1/2 size smaller than my usual and it fit well.
    I have not tried the Cursoris or the Dash Glove, but my Levitas have noticably more cushion than my Trail Gloves.
  • I got barely 50mi on my Levitas before I just flat quit using them.  Nothing about the shoe fit right.
  • 1/2 size smaller for me for the Levitas as well. Like the shoe - lots of cushioning with a very breathable upper. Wouldn't wear it sockless...the base of the tongue is rough. Only thing I don't like is the flat sole...the shoe is fairly "slappy"....
    Based on the wear now (140 miles), I would expect the shoe to last about 300-400 miles or so.
  • I have the same sentiments on the Cursoris as Pete... wide and squishy.  As a Roadrunner VIP, I can test out shoes for 90 days and exchange/return them if I don't like them.  I returned them.  For me, I felt like I was losing so much energy with each footstrike.  The irony of this is that my splits were a little faster than usual... but my legs felt more tired after each run.  I've liked a lot of Mizuno shoes (Universe 3 and 4, Musha, and now the Hitogami), but the Cursoris was not one of them.
  • The Cursoris was horrible for my foot shape... it feels my arch was over the mesh but not over the sole, thus my whole foot was always collapsing inside, of course my knees would follow... leading to ITB trouble so I stopped using them. Never managed to sell them (even cheap) so at some point they will simply find their way to the trash !!!
    Levitas I also tried but sent back before running in them, the very rough plastic feel of the upper turned me down immediately. I'm not going to miss those shoes if they stop completely that EVO line as it seems they are doing.
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