Superfeet Heel-Toe Drop?

I apologize if this question has already been answered.  Can someone please confirm what the heel-toe drop is for a pair of blue Superfeet insoles?  I've been having some knee problems so I'm looking to experiment a little by adding some addtional support to my Kinvara 5s.

- Bill


  • Ok, I just got a response back from Superfeet.  The heel-toe drop for the blue Superfeet is approximately 2.5mm.
    (not too bad)  Now for the Kinvara 5, does anyone know if the stock insole is flat or does it have some drop to it? (i.e., is the Kinvara 5 still a 4mm drop shoe without the insole?)  Thanks.
  • Pretty sure the stock insole in the Kinvara 5 is flat.
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