Newton foot beds?

I picked up a pair of Newton Distance 2013s a few weeks ago
and I have been aggressively transitioning into them. “Aggressively” being a 4
mile run, then 6, then 8, then 10. I absolutely love running in these shoes,
and so far I haven’t had anything other than a little more fatigue than I am
used to. Which I am half blaming on running faster than I typically do, something
about these shoes… they are for running, not jogging.


So, I have a question about the foot beds. Has anyone here
tried switching out the soles of the shoes with something else like Inov-8s? 3mm
or 6mm? I only ask because I like the way that they breathe in other shoes. But
I haven’t experienced any problems with the stock soles(yet), and I have a half
marathon on the 8
th that I want to use these in. On one hand I want
to maximize comfort, but on the other hand I am afraid of messing with something
that is working.


Thoughts? Thanks!


  • I switch footbeds around all the time. Hard to know unless you try, maybe just wait till after your race.
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