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I had a bad experience in a 10K last friday and I could use your help to make sure it won't happen again !
I do have a shoes sponsor (as a triathlete) so I went to the race with two pairs from that sponsor (let's not give names... ;-)   ), but it was pouring rain and both where sliding all over the place. 10mn before the start my wife finally arrived (race was close to home) with the only pair I had I could think of that has some good grip : Merrell Bare Access 2. Race went well in term of grip thanks to the great Vibram outsole but it's definitely not the fastest shoe I can think of (ran 33mn25s)... could have used a bit of heel to toe drop for the hilly course, could have used a bit more "pop" and could have used a bit more cushioning too. Don't get me wrong the Bare Access is probably the shoe I wear most for training, but not the fastest for my stride for sure.

All this to day --> I want to keep a racing shoe with some grip in my race bag for days like this and I could use some advice.
On the top of my list of fast shoes ok for wet days (with not too narrow toe boxes) :
- it seems Adidas Adios Boost and Hagio could be good options.
- Zoot Kiawe 2.0 seems like a dynamic shoe with some grip.
- Brooks T7 seems to have a very soft rubber but don't know about the grip, somebody ???
- Mizuno Hitogami wet grip ?

Other ideas ? Suggestions ? Past experiences ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


  • My guess is that both adidas shoes would do well since they have those little nubby rubber dots on the outsole. Can't comment on the others for wet stuff.
  • Thanks,

    I've actually ordered one of each (Adios / Hitogami / T7) and will keep only one... I'll let you know how testing goes ;-) . Quite curious about the Adios Boost 2.0 I will receive in a couple of days, the Adios Boost qualities you wrote about in your review + the new softer upper should make for a nice shoe. It's been a very long time since I've last ran in a 9-10mm drop shoe but I trust it will be flexible and dynamic enough that it won't cause any trouble.
  • I was eyeing that Adios Boost 2 today on the adidas site :)
  • Pete,

    Here is an update on Adios Boost 2 I received on friday. Also comments on a couple of pairs I got at the same time...

    Adios Boost 2 size 9 : looks awsome in bright red, sole feels very soft, I was almost going to keep them but just running around inside the house (to keep them clean) I can feel my pinky toes are not going to be happy. Since they are too narrow but not too long already, I guess I can size up but still unsure if I just take my cash back or ask for an exchange with 9.5 size. Grip seems very very good. Weight is ok but a bit on the heavy side for a shoe I would use for racing (235gr in size 9). Still unsure what I do about those.

    Brooks T7 size 9.5 : very light, upper is quite accomodating so even though shoe platform is narrow it seems the shoe could work. Grip seems very low though so it doesn't solve my grip issue which is why I want a new shoe. Shoe is so flexible that the >10mm drop doesn't seem to get in the way !

    Mizuno Hitogami size 9 : very generous fit, well width is ok but shoe a bit too long. The plastic piece at the lower eyelets seems painful on the top of my feet when the upper is bent. Grip seems average, no comparison with Adios Boost. I wanted to like Hitogami since everybody loves it but I didn't really want to keep it.

    Pearl Izumi n0 size 8.5 : unfortunately I couldn't try size 9 but I definitely will, full contact outsole, flexible, comfy (even though slightly too small), light. This is the shoe that impressed me most. Grip seems ok (better than all except for Adios Boost) so they are the reason I'm not sure I want to try Adios Boost 9.5. Adios Boost are probably better for long distances in theory but N0 are 50gr lighter per shoe and they feel so good that I'm pretty sure it can make up for the sole tech difference with the Adios Boost even on longer distances !

    So now need to make a decision :
    1) Adios boost 2 size 9.5.
    2) try Hagio 2 size 9 since fit seems generous and grip is probably close to Adios Boost 2 grip.
    3) forget Adidas grip and go with N0 size 9.
    4) bonus option : for the price of Adios Boost 2 I think I can have Hagio 2 (since the model is being stopped) and N0... then keep Hagio 2 for wet days and have the pleasure of using N0 whenever I want. Only drawback with that is I still don't get to see how the Boost material rides on the road.

    What do you think Pete ? And not only Pete... guys ???
    Oh and Pete since I know you reviewed Hagio a while ago, can you remember how it felt and how it would compare to N0 (similar drop, similar weight but different feel ?).

    Thanks again !
  • Just got the adios Boost 2 and debating keeping them as well. Upper feels tighter over my toes than v1. Not sure how much it will break in. Hagio is firm and grippy, decent room up front, but never tried the Hagio 2. I view the adios Boost as more a distance race, Hagio and N0 more as speed/5k type shoes. Boost is interesting stuff, but paired with a poor fit may not be worth the $$$.

  • What is funny is that shoefitr shows the Adios Boost 2 as being smaller than the Adios Boost 1 but Adidas tech guy told me same platform so similar fit. With what you just said it seems 1 definitely is smaller than 2. As far as you can remember Hagio 1 was roomier than Adios ?
    Think Hagio and N0 are so similar it's not worth having both ?
    Adios Boost 2 will go back for now, if I have a chance I will try 9.5 size in a shop just to be sure I have no regret. Like you said best sole material will never make up for poor fit... and I have plenty of shoes I like in the 230gr category (only without the grip of Adios) like Pure Connect 3 and Energy NR. So for a fast racing shoe on wet surface it is worth going lighter with Hagio 2 and N0... I will order both and let you know ;-)
  • Good luck! My guess is that grip will be better in the Hagio, and it's a stiffer, firmer shoe so may serve a slightly different feel from the N0.
  • Last update,

    Sent back Adios Boost 2 size 9 and didn't order 9.5 size has I kept reading Adios Boost 1 felt wider than Adios Boost 2.
    Received Hagio 2 and Adios Boost 1 today (got a great great deal... actually the two pairs were the same price as the one paire of Adios Boost 2 :-) ). Adios Boost 1 fit in size 9 is perfect, definitely the toe box has a more flexible upper which makes a huge difference. Hagio 2 in size 9 fits nice too, it is almost too long... but I guess I need that lenght to get the right width (if I go 8.5, lenght will be better but toe box might be too narrow).
    Both has excellent grip with maybe Adios Boost slightly grippier.
    For the price... I think I'm gonna keep both. Since I can't find PI N0 black/blue size US9 in Europe I will wear those down first ;-) .

    For those who like Adios Boost 1 fit, you should stock up on 1 version or order 1/2 size bigger on Adios Boost 2.

    Looking forward to having my first run in both now !
  • Awesome, glad you found a good deal!
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