Insole - Pearl Izumi Road N1

edited May 2014 in Other Brands
With the big sale at Running Warehouse, I decided that I should finally get a pair of PI Road N1s.  The insole is very thick under the arch and thin at the heel.  It felt uncomfortable when I tried running.  Took out the PI insole and put in a flat 3mm insole (Inov-8).  Much better.  Try it.  And I estimate a 6mm drop. 



  • That's really interesting, I just shelved my N1s and N2s because running on them was causing discomfort on the sides of shins above my arches. I have a couple Inov-8 soles though, and I will have to try this. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Yes, the insole in the N1 is really unusual. I actually measured it from front to back when I wrote my review - here's the photo:

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