Excessive wear/Achilles pain/supination?

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Hi everyone-

My Achilles/soleus/lateral edge of my lower right leg has been achey for quite some time-about 18 months. I'm not exactly sure what hurts, as it seems to move around a bit. I don't remember how it started, but I do know that it was getting better when I rolled my ankle off a curb, which set it back quite a bit.

For about the same duration, I've noticed excess wear on the lateral edge of that shoe, near the pinky toe. It's basically a bald spot that forms about the size of a golfball. After running 3-4 years with lots of shoes, I had never had this wear pattern until this injury showed up.

Here are the questions:

-Do you think these are related? Seems rather likely.

-Is this wear pattern potentially caused by supination?

-If it is supination, could it be causing my leg issues?

-If we think these are related, is there a logical solution?

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, let me know. Other stats-

-haven't really stopped running throughout the injury
-can and have run in a wide range of shoes

Thanks for looking!


  • I'm no expert -BUT maximum wear near your pinky toe suggests you're running on your toes (not forefoot) which is not good, especially if you don't let the heel kiss the ground, as this releases the calf muscle. You could then be overloading your calf/achilles.

    Just my thoughts
  • Does sound like an odd wear pattern - can you post a photo?

    Have you been to see anyone for a diagnosis? Could be that you've altered your form to compensate for an injury.
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