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Hi, are all Skechers running shoes for neutral runners only ? I did try to find the info in their website, but didn't managed to find any...


  • I pretty much hate the terms neutral and stability, there is no standardization and the terms have very little meaning. If you try one, start with the Skechers GoRun Ride.
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    Ohhh, didn't want to upset you, just asked.... :-D -Thx for your advice , I'll go for the Gorun ride then, ;-)
  • Pronation control is a touchy subject for me :)
  • Hi again, just ordered the Gorun ride 3 for myself. My wife needs a pair too, but she hasn't been running for years, so she will be running short distances, will a Gorun 2 be perfect for her ?
    Whats the difference between the GR2 and GR2 supreme? -did google it, but couldn't find an answer to that quest.---- 
  • Hey Runblogger, Have you posted anywhere on your website your views on pronation? I'm just interested as I've only been running a year and mainly went for stability shoes as that is what I was advised to buy, until recently when I purchased Adidas supernova glide 6 and they are my go to runners now, although they are a bit narrow around the midsole.

  • @Rossjb - yes, actually you can download the full chapter on pronation from my book here:
  • GoRun 2 is a bit less shoe than the Ride, but still pretty soft so might be fine. The Supreme is I believe just a different upper.
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