"Quiet" shoe for casual wear with running-performance?

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A friend of mine has a pair of the original GoBionic shoes. I really liked this shoe because unlike almost all other running shoes that are "loud" and obnoxious with respect to colors/design the GoBionic was "quiet" and reserved. Just a plain black and white looking shoe. Very nice. I wanted to buy a pair of these for casual wear, but they are not for sale anymore. Can anyone recommend something similar? I want the "minimalist" feature-set but with a "quiet" design: no bright colors, no flashy appearance, no reflectors. Something that has running features like an extra eyelet and flexible design but that looks more like a drab skateboarding shoe than the typical bright running shoe.

I don't like the GoBionic two version cause it is not zero-drop and it has a  reflector and it only comes in bright colors.

How come the "minimalist" shoes always have to look bright, outlandish, and "loud" and be intended for running? What about a shoe for non-runners who skateboard or walk and want a minimalist shoe to wear casually?


  • Inov-8 have refreshed their F-Lite 232 models this year adding a completely black model.  It's about as low key as you could possible get:


    I have last years bright coloured models and can vouch for it being a zero drop with decent last, lightweight, good on trails and road, and the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned.  Might be a tad expensive for a general casual shoe though, they are thoroughbred racing shoe... 
  • Try to get your hands on the black and grey inov-8 road-x 155. No reflectors and just 3mm drop. It's still available at sportsshoes.com for a reasonable price.
  • Thanks guys but I only want zero drop shoe. Any zero drop options?
  • Skora Phase was available in black (white outsole).
  • F-Lite 232's are zero drop.  The rest of the F-Lite range have 3mm to 6mm drop depending upon the model.

  • Bare-x 180 are also available in black and white (I have them myself). Zero drop and zero cushioning. May be. More difficult to find, because they were a sort of limited edition.
  • I recommend Soft Star.  I have both the Dash RunAmoc and the Moc3 RunAmoc.  The Dash works as business casual if you avoid the louder color choices.  I haven't seen their new Portlander yet, but as advertised it is another option.  I believe you can get the Dash and Portlander without the reflective tab on the back.

    (I personally wear my Moc3s more.  They are almost like wearing slippers.  However, they are certainly less normal-looking, and they are only made with the reflective and logo tabs on the back.  From your description I'm guessing you would prefer the Dash or Portland but you might want to take a look.)

    They have predesigned and do-it-yourself options.  The latter has a fee unless you can go to their shop in Corvallis, OR.  They are handcrafted to order at that shop, so you won't find them elsewhere or on sale (outside of a yearly sale they do to clear out returns and things like that).

    Given my comments, I should add that I have no affiliation with the company.  I just really like them, especially their kids' shoes.  I did win a pair of their shoes at a race, but I was enthusiastic about them before that.

  • Lems primal 2
  • Merrell Bare Access 2 road shoe is a great walk around zero drop shoe.

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