less and less offset

My first two pairs of running shoes where heavy Kayano's with there12mm offset, and in no time I was injured, my knee's didn't like my heelstriking.

then a get some free New Balance 890v2, a neutral shoe, lighter and a lower drop, i loved them and used them for my speedwork.

Than it was time too replace the kayano's, and wanted to trie the new Adidas Boost for my long runs, didn't get them from the seller, you pronate, not good for you yadayada....., what i get was heavy stability shoes too trie on, so I bought the Adidas Adistar Boost after some argue with the seller, not the shoe that I first wanted, but still they felt great.

This year again a get some free New Balance 890v4 and I love the 8mm offset and feel of the shoe, but still wanted to trie a shoe with less offset, so again i drove too a running store, and again.....blablabla....not good, you get injured, only saucouny have it, others don't made them even more, Nike Free is a flop, etc etc......

What is this with all of those "running specialists"?

Now i just orderd a pair of Salming Distance online, Salming is a newcomer in the running business, but there marketing on Natural running was enough for me to give it a trie, they look solid, more rubber on the sole than a Kinvara, 5mm offset and still light enough. 

Also my running form is adapting in the years, still not perfect, but i'm working on it.


  • You'll find some retailers are fine selling more minimal stuff, some not fans of it. I say buy what you want if it feels good on your feet.
  • Hey, where exactly did you buy your Salming shoes from? Their racer model looks interesting

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