New Merrell releases - Bare Access Trail, Ultra, and AllOut Flash

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Running Warehouse just put up some of the upcoming Merrells on their website - slated for release next month, but available for pre-order now. The 3 models are the Bare Access Trail (men's and women's), BA Ultra (men's and women's), and the AllOut Flash (only men's model up now). A little bit of info available under the "technologies" tab, but not much in the way of specs (like weight, stack height) included yet.

I've had good luck with the most recent iteration of the Bare Access (BA3), so I'm interested in trying out the trail and ultras. The trail model in particular looks like it could be a nice addition to their line - I've used their Ascend Glove, and enjoyed the fit/feel (even Pete liked the ride of it, whereas he's found many Merrells too firm). However, like a few other people I had problems with the uppers blowing out along the arch, after only about 150 miles in my case. So I'm happy to see that the BA trail has a much more extensive rand which wraps further back around the foot (photo here) - should help support the uppers given the lateral stresses of trail running. I'm not sure if this will replace the Ascend Glove, or just expand their line of trail runners.

Just thought I'd mention, given the number of other folks here that run in Merrells. I'm hoping to pick up both the Ultra & Trail when they come out next month, so I'll post up first impressions after I get a few runs in.


  • I am also looking forward to the Merrell Bare Access Trail. It looks a good alternative to the Altra Lone Peak that i already have, which is missing the protective rand. I hope it sits a bit higher than the Ascend Glove and will not have extensive arch support. Looking for the stacks heights in running warehouse specs!
  • I also am curious about the Bare Access Trail.  I have a pair of Trail Glove 2's and a pair of Mix Master 2.  I like both of those shoes.  I generally run Trails in the Trail Glove but I discovered this winter (In Wisconsin) that the Mix Master's were great running in the snow, especially my long runs.  The first thing that I thought when I saw the BA Trails was that they were going to discontinue the Ascend Glove.  I have never ran in the Ascend Glove, but I almost ordered a pair a while back.  If I read it correctly I think that one of the differences between the two is that the Ascend Glove has a rock plate while I don't believe the BA trail does.  I am not one hundred percent sure on that. 

    On another note, I just ordered the Bare Access 3's from Running Warehouse.  I am excited to try them.  I have a pair of the Bare Access 2's that I got around 600 miles on them.  The outsole seemed to wear pretty quickly on that model for me but obviously it wasn't that much of a problem if I got 600 miles on them. I do prefer the Road Gloves though.  I have had three pairs of the Road Glove 2's. 

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