NB MR10v2 vs. Inov-8 Road-X-treme 138 vs. Merrell BA3 vs. .....?

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I am a fairly new runner and I'm looking for a more minimal shoe to rotate in with my Kinvaras for shorter runs.  I have read some of the info on this message board about each of the shoes but I'm having trouble picking one.  Does anyone have any ideas about similar shoes that I'm overlooking?



  • Skora is one you didn't mention.

    I like Inov-8 personally (I have the 178s vs the 138) and like them a lot.  Find a shoe that fits you well and try it.
  • All three are good options, best bet is to try them on if possible and go with the one that feels best.
  • Agreed, you won't really be able to make a good decision without trying them on first. If those models aren't available to try on in stores near you, go with Running Warehouse, Zappos, or some other online store that offers free returns. Plus, order with Running Warehouse and get a 10% discount with the Runblogger discount code (RUNBLOG10).

  • Thanks for the advice.  I decided to change directions slightly and ordered the Wave Evo Levitas.  Only $40 with the coupon on Running Warehouse.

    I feel a bit silly since you all commented about trying them on and seeing what feels best.  I tried a few of them on but I'm so new to running that I feel like I can't really tell what I like and don't like about a shoe in just a short walk or jog around the store.  Excited to try these out over a period of time and develop more of a feel for this sort of thing.  
  • I hope the Levitas worked out for you.  I hated mine, and quit using them with less than 100mi on them.

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    I'm liking my Levitas, though I only have about 100kms on mine. They're light and lively with enough protection for my delicate metatarsals. Best of all, they have lots of toe space. 

    I hope you bought them small. Mine are 8.5 - I wear 9.0 in Inov-8 and my MT110 are size 9.5.
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