Mortons Neuroma and Newton Gravity

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Hello All, Hi Pete, thanks again for a great website.


I have been battling with a case of Morton's Neuroma off and on for about 8 months.

I have been running in New balance MT 110 for dirt and Newton Gravity for road and treadmill for about 5 years. I am 41 years old and have run since grammar school cross country. I run about 25 miles a week and usually do one marathon a year, a few half's and at least one Half IM distance triathlon. 

Last September I came down with a neuroma in my right foot out of nowhere. I got a cortisone shot, stopped running for 2 weeks and it pretty much went away. HOWEVER when I tried to return to my normal level of previous intensity it resurfaced and also brought on some pretty debilitating SI joint pain.


Long story short I pretty much figured out that the neuroma id being aggravated BIG TIME by the lug on the Newton's.  I am a supinator and when my foot hits the ground that lug concentrates the impact directly on the metatarsal. I went out and got a pair of Brooks Glycerin 11 and I just ordered some Hoka  One One rapa Nui II Tarmac to hopefully transition through recovery.

Has anyone else had a similar experience??  I have heard of others feeling similar discomfort from Newtons.  I am really shocked that after 5 years and at least 5 pairs of Newton Gravity and one MV2 that this bothers me now. I have probably run 3 to 4 thousand miles in these shoes.





  • Hey Jamie......I have been running for 39 years and have suffered with neuroma pains many times on and off. The shoes you wear play a major part in this issue, especially if, like me, you tend to land on the outside of the shoe first. I have found that newtons, even though they helped me transition to lower drop shoes, irritated my neuroma often. The shoes that I have found bother me the least are the Altras with their wide toe box. nothing else works as well. good luck working thru this....Tom
  • Thanks Tom. I will give Altras a look. I have also had great success with the New balance MT110, wide toebox seems to do the trick.
  • If you are going to give the Altra's a try, and you will be primarily running on roads, start with the torin....enough cush for roads without going crazy like those hoka snow boots.....I pronate a bit and my favorite is the provision, but i do almost all of my running on nice groomed desert trails here in the bootheel on new mexico.....good luck! Tom
  • Newtons, yeah....  

    The lugs hit my left foot all wrong.  It didn't give me a neuroma, but it did give me a stress fracture.  (My podiatrist said Newtons are either very right for you or, for a lucky few, incredibly wrong.)

    And, yeah, Altras are my favorite now.  The Torins are my marathon shoe; The One for anything less than a half; Superiors for short trail runs; Lone Peaks for ultras.  I still wear Kinvaras once in a while.  After I recovered from my sfx I tried working the Newtons back in, because I want to really like them.  But my foot doc just read me the riot act: they are not for me.

    But Altras....nice.

    Hope you find some relief.

  • One of the key issues to treating a neuroma is to avoid compression of the nerve, which is particularly an issue with footwear. the Altra seems a really good option in this case.

  • My wife has had success with the Hoka Bondi and Altra Torin with her neuroma. She's been relatively pain free for almost a year now with that combo. I can see Newtons putting pressure on the forefoot, particularly if you roll forward from heel to toe over the lugs - they're kind of like a speed bump.

    One point to note - almost everyone will contact somewhere along the outer margin of the shoe, the main variation is where from front to back that initial contact is made.
  • UPDATE...

    Both pairs of new shoes are letting me return to running pain free. 

    Between the two new shoes I picked up the Brooks Glycerin 11 feels a little like a ski boot. It is not heavy BUT after about the first few miles I realize that the sole is pretty stiff and I find my foot falls to be heavy.  I think I will keep this shoe at work in my locker to wear on the treadmill there, I usualy only run 6 miles or less at lunch there.  

    The  Hoka  One One rapa Nui II Tarmac seems to be a winner for the road and treadmill. It is MUCH lighter than it appears and although the sole is thick compared to what I am used to it is very compliant and flexible. 

    So far so good. I am going to give it a few weeks (and at least 150 miles in the Hokas before I make a final decision.  

    That said I think I have 2 pairs of Newton Gravity shoes for sale. Size 12.5 one with about 250 miles and the other are virtualy new with only 40 miles of treadmill miles. 
  • Good to hear! Keep us posted, Hokas seem to be doing well for a lot of people with forefoot issues.
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