Correct Toes: This thing works!

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OK, so my left has always been the side where I've had issues, if I've had any. Also, shoes that fit fine on my right foot often rub the top of the knuckle or whatever at the base of my big toe on my left. When I wear some of my shoes, I can feel just a little tenderness in that area until I've run for a few miles. 

I like to nip injuries in the bud if I can, so I've been trying to figure out how to fix this problem. I finally realized I have a small dorsal bunion that probably has been developing for years on that foot. I also realized that I have a touch of hallux valgus on that side, which most of you probably know means that my big toe points out a bit toward the other toes. I got around to getting those Correct Toes things, and I've been wearing just one of them on my left foot. I cut off part of it so that it's now down to the first two spacers. I didn't see any need to have my pinky toe sticking out like it did before. It's very comfortable and I've been wearing it all day and during runs. I can report that my feet look more symmetrical, and that tenderness has gone away in the shoes where it used to appear.


  • Are those things soft?
  • Yep. It says they are made of medical-grade silicone. And like I did, you can cut off areas which seem not needed or might be rubbing.

    Oh, and I went back and took out the bad words in that other post :-)
  • I like Correct Toes too.  I mainly wear them for running, but I should wear them more during the rest of the day.  At $65, I think they're a bit over priced, but worth it in my opinion.
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    I know Pete doesn't want us to use the forum to advertise our blogs or whatever, but here is a post from my blog which goes into a little more detail about my experience with Correct Toes:

  • There's nothing wrong with giving a review.  Pete's comment was to the guy whose *only* forum posts were links to his blog.  As long as you're trying to have a discussion and not just draw web traffic, there's no issue.

  • Oh wow, don't call it a review. I'm not a "real" blogger.
  • "Review", "Opinion", whichever.  It's all about having the discussion.
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    The Correct Toes are definitely working. I went 9 miles in a shoe which normally gives me problems, the Saucony A5. I had removed the insole to try to give my foot more room, but my bunion would still hurt for several miles until I warmed up. Today, I put the insoles back in and laced them up tight. No pain from my bunion at all.
  • I have no problem linking blogs as part of a discussion. As Bryan said, it's just appearing on the forum and writing a post for the sole purpose of drawing traffic to your site that we were singling out. When you have something informative to share, link away!
  • My wife wears correct toes and they seem to help her as well.
  • I tried wearing the one that I hadn't modified today, but it feels too uncomfortable to me. Like I said, I don't see a need for the spacers between the last two toes. It's usually the everted big toe that is the issue.
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    I think that (part of?) my problem is forefoot overpronation.  Having all of the toes spaced out, I think anyways, helps to make my forefoot more stable and limit pronation.  That being said, the full spacer doesn't fit into all shoes, so I'm thinking of buying a second set and modifying them like you did to accommodate more shoes.

    I should add that I did cut half of the little toe separator on the set I currently have and it makes it a lot more comfortable.  The separation between the little toe and the toe next to it was too much.
  • Yeah, I think having the little toe sticking out like that is odd. It ends up bumping up into the inside of any shoe I wear. I even tried on my old original Altra Instincts while wearing the Correct Toes, and it was still uncomfortable. I barely notice my modified version, especially over a pair of Injinji toe socks. 
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    Well, I tried to post a picture of my toe spacer, but here's a link to a blog post where you can view it:
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