Nike Flyknit trainer and Nike Flyknit racer

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I have a very positive reaction to both of these shoes.  I have avoided Nike shoes for many years preferring Brooks or Asics.  In fact, prior to getting these shoes I can't remember the last Nike shoe I ran in.  The Flyknit is very well made light weight (9.2 oz for a 11.5 for the trainer and just a tad under 7 oz for a 11.5 racer).  Size wise I took a 11.5 in both shoes and this is my standard size that I take with Brooks shoes.  I could have taken a 12 for the racer but using drymax hyper thin socks or no socks the fit is fine.  Run feel is pretty solid no mushy feel and you do feel the road.  The shoes are pretty narrow which for me is fine as I have a very narrow foot but if one has a wide foot forget it. 

Pros--this shoe is lightweight (the racer being really light and you feel like you are flying), very breathable due to the flyknit construction (though I would not run in the rain with this shoe unless you want a wet foot), the racer has a glove like fit which I really like, and lastly very striking looking.

Cons--Very narrow (wide feet should not apply) and No in the rain running.

Wish list-- a wider toebox and lower heel drop.


  • Thanks for the info - was debating whether to try the Racer, but was worried it would be too narrow. This seems to confirm my fears that like most Nike shoes it won't work for me.
  • Agree the racer and trainer are narrow.  I forgot to mention they have a great ortholite insole and I can wear my orthodics with both shoes.
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    Now they also have that Flyknit One+, based on the Lunar
    I think the flyknit idea is incredible and I would love to try it out, it's just a shame that all those shoes have high heel drops. I believe the One+ is also supposed to be 10 or 11mm or something. Can't they make a 0 drop FreeKnit or something?
  • I'd happily take a 4mm drop Freeknit on the Free Run+ last. I just can't help but feel Nike is more interested in fashion than function these days.
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