Looking for a shoe with curved sides to the sole

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Hey guys, hoping someone can help me.

At the moment, most shoes have a sole that is bigger than the actual foot. I am looking for a running shoe where the sole is almost the same size as the foot (rather like an old school plimsol), and where the sole curves smoothly up to the side of the upper. Here is an image of the type of shoe I mean (it's a watersports shoe):

I have these shoes, but the soles are too thin for running on the road (though they are fantastic for running on trails).
Can anyone recommend me a cushioned shoe similar in structure to that pictured above?




  • What is cushioned to you? Skoras might be a great option, see here. They are rounded on all edges and will have cushion in the 11-16mm range depending on which model you choose. I have had the same issues with the sole flair especially in my trail shoes and it is less than enjoyable. 
  • What about the Merrell Road Glove or Trail Glove

  • Sib,

    I have asked a few shoe company reps at expos about "heel flare" and no one could explain its purpose.  The easy solution is to find a pair of shoes you're comfortable in and cut the heel flare down to the size and shape you want.  I do it on my most of my shoes.  Peter used to do quite a bit of cobbling but I haven't read about it in any of his recent posts.  Shoes you could try are the Brooks Pure line and the Saucony Kinvara Trail2, 

    Good luck,
  • ZEM makes several shoes you may like.  If you want cushioned with a sole almost same size as your foot I like the Mizuno Evo Levitas.  For more cushion the Mizuno Evo Cursoris.  Both Levitas and Cursoris are on sale Running Warehouse.  Use shoefitter program to get correct size.  I don't like shoes with flared heels either.

  • Thanks, everyone, for your replies.
    Here is a brief update on my efforts to find the right shoe:

    I bought a pair of Adipure Gazelles on sale, and they felt great except that my foot is wider than the sole of the shoe. This seems to be causing blisters where the forefoot extends over the side of the sole on the inner side.

    I was also able to try out a pair of NB MR10s on a treadmill for a few mins, but the moulding of the midfoot put unwanted pressure on my arch. Apart from the arch, the shoes were great.

    To clarify, it's not heel-flare that is problematic, but the flare of the sole at the forefoot. The flared soles prevent the shoe from pronating as much as my foot wants to, meaning my foot pronates inside the shoe causing blisters and a general lack of nimbleness.

    @Sasquatch - I'm in Japan, and there are no Skora in sizes over 27.5cm that I can try on. They look exactly like the shoe I'm after (little bit spendy, though, for not much shoe)!

    @Runblogger and @egranata - thanks, will try and check them out.

    @baldinit - that's a good idea. I cut the edges off some old Nike frees as a test, and it worked reasonably well. It's a complete pain in the bum, though, and it's strange to think that there aren't shoes of the type I want more freely available.

    @ James - Ah, these look interesting. Mizuno shoes are everywhere in Japan, so I'll defo look to run them on a treadmill.
  • @sib yeah, they will be a bit pricier, but for me they have lasted (I am talking about my Forms/Cores) a lot longer than any other shoe I have ever owned. I justified it by saying i could have gone through 2 pairs of others like the Virratas I used to use. And I have mixed both road and trail on them. 

    Hopefully you can find some shoes you like across the way. Good luck!
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