From Montrail Masochist to less structure- Suggestions?

I've been running in the Montrail Masochist for the last four years of my five year running career (primarily trail).  It became my One-and-Only when I could slip on a pair fresh out of the box and run a 5K with no "breaking in" period.  I love the heel cup.  I love the width.  The traction is pretty decent.  They're also great for hiking, backpacking, and grocery shopping.  And the biggest reason I haven't yet made the switch: I can almost ALWAYS find a pair in my size for about $60 shipped on the internet.  

That being said, I've found that there is inconsistency in how well each pair is built (I'm assuming that different colors come from different factories, etc).  Parts of the upper will break down, about 2/3rds of my pairs the tongue starts to slip off to the side no matter how I lace it, and I can tell where the heel is now a bit too high for my stride because it wears off so fast.  I'm at a point where I don't need quite so much structure in a trail shoe, and I'd prefer to "feel" a little more.

I'm open to suggestions, dear Runblogger Forum Members.  I've done some research, but I'm not a "shoe geek," and I bow to the expertise here.  While I know I will try the other Montrail models that are out there (though the reviews have not been stellar) I'm not married to them and would love to hear what might fit similarly.


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    I haven't run in the Montrails, but I've put a fair number of miles on the Salomon Sense Pro over the past few weeks and have fallen in love with them. About an ounce lighter, and half the drop of the Masochist. They feel like a racing flat for the trails.
  • I'm not going to lie...I thought you were making up the shoe name!
  • The Saloman Sense Pro look really cool, and I'd love to try them out, but at $130 a pop, I'd be leary of going there.

    I'm running in the Skechers Go Run Ultra right now on trails and I like it.  It's light, flexible, and has excellent traction.  I run in it without an insole for a 4mm drop, but you could leave the insole in and have an 8mm drop - which would probably aid in your transition from something more traditional.  Just my $.02.
  • Thanks for the feedback so far!  
    @Pete, I'll be checking out the Salomon Sense Pro's.  My father's girlfriend runs in them and luuuuuuves them.... hopefully I can find some sales or promotions!  (EMS club day??)

    @Bryan, yeah, the name certainly drew me to the shoe... that's how I knew they would fit so well.  :-)  

    @Mikhou - the Go Run Ultra *looks* like a lot of shoe... is that just an optical illusion?  The price is certainly attainable.
  • If you like Montrail's - I've had a good experience with their FluidFlex model

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    @leeapeea - The GRUs do have significant cushioning, but they are still very light (under 9oz.) and flexible.  Your current trail shoe has a lot more structure than this one does.  Even though the cushioning is significant, the GRU is not overly structured.

    For information, do a google search for "go run ultra review."  There are numerous posts out there.  For an explanation of the design process, try this one:
  • Ok, the Salomon's and the Sketchers came on Saturday.  The Sketchers are going back- I don't have a lot of arch and it felt like most of the cushioning was in the mid-foot - just not for me.  The Salomon's seem good walking around the house and I hope to take them for a spin this week.  

  • Good luck with the Salomons! Running a 10 mile trail race in them tomorrow, should be a good final test prior to a review.
  • I ran in them in the same race (didn't realize you were there until I saw your tweet).  They did great for the full 9.22 miles!  Now I need to get my training in line... :-)  Thanks for the suggestion.  ~L
  • Cool, had no idea you were local! Race was a blast, just wrote up my experience:

    What else are you training for right now?
  • Sweet!  Great read!  That one will be on our calendar next year, and we'll be hitting those trails during hunting season.  Our local trails are well hunted in the fall so we usually stay away.

    Yeah, I'm pals w/Nate and went to Brett for a while last year.

    "Training" is a strong word...  My plans include hitting up a good portion of the WNHTRS this summer and ideally be ready for the Pisgah 50K in September.  Maybe I'll run into you?
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