New Balance MT1010v2 sizing

edited April 2014 in New Balance
I have a 53 mile ultra at the end of the month and am looking for a light, flexible low drop trial shoe with a bit more cushioning than my F-Lite or Trailrocs.  The MT1010v2 seems like a good candidate.  My only hesitancy to try it out is there isn't any local shoe stores that stock them so I'll have to buy online and risk the fit/cost of a return.

Does anyone have experience with how the fit of MT1010v2 compares to Inov-8's Natural/Anatomical Last?  The later works well for me as I have a wide mid-foot, I previously the MT110 and it was way too narrow at the mid-foot (about 5mm too narrow for me), but I've read that the MT1010 is looser around the mid-foot.

I would have considered a EE fitting but I can't spot any retailers including New Balance's website that actually stocks them here in the UK, so it looks like I'll need to consider the standard D fitting.



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