How do I find an old post

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I was thinking about something you posted on the main Runblogger site several months ago. It was something about a lab that did research on every aspect of running and how these things affected running economy. I'd like to read it again, but don't know how to go about searching for it. It's probably really obvious, but someone please let me know how to do it.


  • You can use the "Search this Website" function on the main site.  Do a search for "economy" and see if any of those results give you what you want.
  • Yeah, I've been looking for something like that, but still don't see it. Not sure what my problem is. Please let me know exactly where it is. Thanks.
  • Honestly, if I knew what you were looking for, I'd point it out.

  • I mean I've been looking for the "search this website" function, but don't see it. Am I blind!?
  • You have to go to the main page (not the forum front page, which is  It's the search box on the right side of the main ribbon at the top of the page.

  • Yeah, I know to go to the main page. For some strange reason, that search field doesn't show up on my computer screen. It does on my wife's Mac. Did a search and still haven't found the post I'm looking for.
  • Outside of asking for a screenshot, the easiest way would be to use Google to do a site search.

    To do that, all you have to do is use the following search string:


    Where "economy" is the word(s) you want to search for.
  • Strange that the search box doesn't show, have never had that issue. And the post you are talking about doesn't ring a bell as something I have written. I've written about economy as it relates to footwear (barefoot vs. shoe, adidas Boost, probably a few others) but don't remember something that looked at a bunch of different factors.
  • There's also the question of what browser you're running.  Quite possible the search box doesn't work in all browsers (or versions).
  • Just swapped the default Wordpress search box in the navbar for a Google Custom Search box in the top right sidebar. Been meaning to do it for awhile since the WP search does not search the Forum and the Google Search does.
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